Right Steps Christian School

When Susana Homes was founded, it was quickly noted that some of the children of the home were too weak to make the long 2 mile walk to the local school.  So Dr. Chi worked to establish Right Steps Christian Schools on the property of Susana Homes.  Right Steps Christian Schools (RSCS) became one of the organization's extensive and permanent outreach initiatives, and aims to serve and evangelize the local community.  The school includes a preschool through high school grades for local residents and the residents of Susana Homes.  Approximately 280 children from Susana Homes and the nearby communities are enrolled and attend classes daily at the school, which has become one of the most invaluable components of the local community.  

RSCS puts a strong emphasis on integrity and excellence, as well as Biblical teaching, making sure that students and teachers alike are held to the highest standards.  Students who graduate from RSCS are prepared with Godly principles, for the next phase of life, whether it be the workplace or attending college.

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